Egyptian Couple Name Their Baby "Facebook"

Written by Staff Author Monday, 21 February 2011 18:16

In a move to scar their child for life, an Egyptian couple decided to name their newborn "Facebook" in gratitude for the social site's influence in overthrowing 30 year dictator Hosnai Mubarek. The baby, a girl, will be named Facebook Ibriham. While we admire the parents enthusiasm, we wonder what happens if Facebook eventually goes out of business or how she will be regarded amongst her peers when she grows up. We at ManAttitude thought this might be a good opportunity to think about names we could have chosen for our children of fads that have come and gone. Our top 5:

 - PacMan - The 80's video game that started it all.
 - TelephoneBooth - There was no city on planet Earth that did not have a telephone booth. Now the younger generation would consider this about as useful as an outhouse.
 - CompuServe/Prodigy - Before Google, before Facebook, before Twitter there was the internet access giants of CompuServe and prodigy.
 - SovietUnion - The mortal enemy of the USA for two generations is now just a chapter in the history books.
 - Pontiac - At one time this GM brand produced some of the best muscle cars on the road. After years of mismanaging the brand, GM ended its run in 2010.

What are your suggestions?

Man Attitude says, who is brave enough to name their kid manattitude?!?!


#2 LoganGremen 2013-10-01 11:51
Such a humorous news...I am just totally ponder about the thinking..Find Google apps directory
#1 patrickpatrick 2011-02-27 23:22
That kid doesn't stand a chance against my older daughter, Myspace!

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