If you have been following the Accenture Match Play Championship Golf tournament at the Ritz-Carlton in Marana, AZ, you are witnessing what the “golf experts” are saying is the rise of a new long-term champion.  His name is Martin Kaymer and he is 26 years old.  Today, Saturday, he took Lee Westwood's reign as No. 1 in the world (Westwood’s reign lasted just 17 weeks) by defeating Bubba Watson in match play.
But there is another story going on in the world of golf and it is a sad one.  Many of the “experts” , including Tim Dahlberg an AP Sports Columnist, are saying Tiger Woods will never again be a golf champion.  If Tiger loses a match, as he did this week in the Match Play Championship in Arizona, and the reporters ask him what happen, Tiger routinely tries to explain.  But now the experts, like Tim, say Tiger’s explanations sound like he is living in some fantasy world. 
Sure Tiger use to totally dominate golf and intimidate his opponents and now we are witnessing his struggling through a big rough patch.  But to say Tiger is embarrassing himself, he is not interesting to watch and has totally melted-down seems somewhat spiteful and a bit premature to me.

On a Golf Channel, NBC analyst Johnny went so far as to compare Tiger to Mike Tyson and Humpty Dumpty.  "It's a little bit like a Mike Tyson story to be honest with you — sort of invincible, scared everybody, performed quickly under pressure — until Buster Douglas came along," Miller said. "Tiger sort of hit that and it's life. And his life crumbled. It's like Humpty Dumpty, on a high wall way above the other players. He had a great fall and there are pieces all over the place. He's trying to put them together. It's a tough thing."

Well I’m betting on Tiger and I would love to see him take first place in the Masters which is coming up in a few weeks.  Who doesn’t like to see the “experts” eat their cocky words?

See Tigers last poor performance in the clip below.

Man Attitude says, I would pay lots of bucks to see Tiger Woods with his best golf club in the ring with bad, Mike Tyson!

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#1 patrickpatrick 2011-02-27 23:13
So the new king, Martin Kaymer, is crowned less than a day ago and he loses the match play tournament in AZ to Luke Donald who was not ranked in the top 10. Maybe the expert predictors of a long reign are all wet.

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